EXO released 2nd unreleased clip from “Love Me Right” MV featuring Xiumin and Chen

The music video for “Love Me Right” reached 9 million views and EXO celebrated it through Xiumin and Chen’s unreleased clip! 

As “Love Me Right” gathered more than 9 million views on Youtube, EXO released another unreleased clip as they thanked fans for their support. It featured Xiumin and Chen in a footage not included in the official cut of the music video.

The statement further teased fans of another possible exclusive if the music video reached 10 million views.

The release of such clips are part of the “Love Me Right” MV event for EXO and their fans. Since reaching 7 million, they initially released the footage featuring Chanyeol, Kai and Sehun.

Will there be a third video?