EXO Sehun Goes Viral With Chinese Netizens For His Perfect Body

Chinese netizens can’t get over his godly visuals.

EXO’s Oh Sehun goes viral on Chinese SNS Weibo for his godly proportions.

Many are wondering how someone like Sehun can exist. Some even asked if he truly is human.

Many are commenting on how perfect his proportions are. He has long legs, a thin waist, an amazing side profile, wide shoulders, chest muscles, collar bones, and abs. Even his nose is perfect!

Even people who aren’t fans of EXO or Sehun can’t deny how amazing his body and visuals are. Many are saying that they aren’t fans but have photos of him saved to their phones and acknowledge that he has the best body. According to Chinese netizens, he has the best visuals out of all the Korean male stars.

It seems nobody can resist Oh Sehun’s godly visuals!

Source: Weibo