EXO’s Chanyeol Reveals Intimate Details About His First Kiss On “Happy Together 3”

Members Suho, Chen and Chanyeol recently guested on the latest episode of Happy Together 3 where the latter spoke about his first kiss.

Aired on July 7th, Chanyeol revealed that on his most recent film So I Married My Anti-Fan, the kiss only lasted 5-seconds. The film features a short kiss scene with Chinese actress Yuan Shanshan. When Uhm Hyun Kyung asks him whether it was the idol’s first kiss, he replied, “It’s my first onscreen kiss but not my first real kiss.”

While the question was also extended to Suho and Chen, the two EXO members turned down answering the question.

Other guests included child actors Kim Hwan Hee, Jin Ji Hee and Seo Shin Ae.


Source: X Sports News