EXO’s D.O. Throws Fans A Hilarious Look During Concert Lift Mishap

A hilarious .gif of EXO member D.O. is making its rounds around the internet and throwing fans into a fit of laughter.

In what is assumed to be one of EXO’s concert, the member experienced a mishap with the lift that held him as he was lifted to the top at an incorrect time. In a white rob, D.O. looks around with an unreadable expression on his face before slowly getting down to his knees and hitting the lift to signal to the concert staff to take him back down.

Both the look on D.O.’s face and the situation overall has fans laughing uncontrollably as the .gif is put on repeat, leaving comments such as, “Kekekeke cute,” “It was so cute when he hit the floor kekekeke,” “Really too cute kekeke,” and more of the likes.

Currently, EXO is promoting their third studio album EX’ACT along with their double title tracks “Lucky One” and “Monster.”

Source: Instiz