EXO’s improved vocals evident in latest ‘MR Removed’ video

EXO has gotten much praise for their recent comeback, particularly with respect to their vocal improvement for their “Love Me Right” comeback stage on KBS Music Bank.

Fans created a version of the group’s comeback stage with the background music and background vocals removed, isolating the members’ live vocal performance. Many viewers were pleasantly surprised and applauded the members on their good singing – not an easy feat while dancing either.

Check out what some fans had to say:

1. D.O’s high note has improved a lot..actually all of them improved..this dance looks tiring but they manage to sing well..thank you boys for your hard work..this makes me love you even more

2. They improved a lot. Remember those times when they did a lot of lip sync? Well, those days are out of discussion bc now exo are more fresh than any time and are ready to kill with their live performances. I’m really proud of them. Exo fighting!

3. Is no one going to talk about Kai’s improvement?????? I mean he has more singing parts and he did it just fine And today performance is so good. I’m not really an EXO-L, i used to think that EXO’s live singing was bad in general, but in this performance they have improved a lot really impressive

4. i’m so impressive about sehun’s rap. i remembered when sehun cant really rap well during growl and wolf era. but now, he slayed!!! he finally showed what he can do. and, chen voice is damnnnn clean. i hope they can keep this up. they totally improved!! exo fighting