EXO’s Kai remakes DEUX’s “In Summer” MV for “EXO902014”

EXO‘s Kai is bringing us back to the summer with his remake music video of DEUX‘S “In Summer” for Mnet‘s EXO 902014. The music video was released on October 31st .

Kai is the next member to take us back to the 90s with a remake music video. This time, DEUX’s “In Summer” was recreated, taking us back to a warmer memory and perhaps even some childhood memories.

The video follows Kai as he goes on a journey to the beach, riding his bike. As he pedals his way towards his destination, he stops for ice cream and even plays with some neighborhood kids. Some of the scenes in the music video are like a breath of fresh air as we travel to our own childhood memories of the summer.

Though Kai gets lost on his journey, but does not get frustrated and instead takes that as a chance to have an even greater adventure. Throughout the video, a little robot makes its way to the beach,joining Kai as they sit together admiring the beach, further amplifying the theme of childhood in the video.

Additionally if the remake reaches 300,000 or more views on Youtube in 72 hours, Mnet will release a special behind-the-scenes cut with Kai.

Previously, EXO has remade music videos for BoA‘s “No.1”Lim Chang Jung’s “A Glass of Soju”Kim Min Kyo‘s “The Last Game“, S.E.S’s “I’m Your Girl”g.o.d‘s “To my Mother”H.O.T’s “Hope,” Shinwha’s “Yo,” Jo Sung Mo’s “Do You Know,” and DJ DOC’s “Dance with DOC”.

Check out KAI’s “In Summer” music video remake below: