EXO’s Xiumin releases remake MV for Lim Changjung’s “A Glass of Soju”

Xiumin takes on a melancholic route perfect for the season as releases the video remake for Lim Changjung’s “A Glass of Soju” on Mnet’s EXO 902014. 

On October 24th, Xiumin unveiled his own reinterpretation for Lim Changjung’s hit track “A Glass of Soju”, releasing a new version for the original music video. In the remake clip, Xiumin was seen in an amusement park, unable to express his feelings to the girl he loves, which complimented the sorrowful, ballad track.

Mnet has also promised that they will be releasing the ‘making of’ clip for Xiumin’s music video if it reaches more than 300,000 views within 72 hours.

Previously, EXO has remade music videos for Kim Min Kyo‘s “The Last Game“, S.E.S’s “I’m Your Girl”g.o.d‘s “To my Mother”H.O.T’s “Hope,” Shinwha’s “Yo,” Jo Sung Mo’s “Do You Know,” DJ DOC’s “Dance with DOC” and BoA’s “No.1”.

Meanwhile, Lim Changjung is the featured artist on today’s episode of EXO 902014.