EXPLORING SEOUL: Interview with DJ Tezz of House Ming

In an exclusive, Koreaboo gives you an inside look into the world of Korean DJs with an interview with DJ Tezz of House Ming, a national freestyler champion.

Energy drink company Red Bull holds all kinds of competitions each year such as b-boying, skateboarding, and even a paper airplane contest. In particular, the competition for street style DJs called Three Style DJ World Competition is a contest of interest.


DJ Tezz explains, “They choose champions from all over the world and bring them together to have a World Final. It’s not a typical competition with just scratch or something like that, but instead they choose three random genres where you must smoothly perform. They judge on how much you hype up the crowd, and how creative your performance is, and give you points based on that,” and reveals how he first started his career as a DJ.

“I originally started in Hongdae. Yes, I was from Hongdae,” he reveals, “So, the big popular DJ that I was working with was working both in Itaewon and Hongdae. And then I stopped working in the Hongdae area, and continued to perform in Itaewon which gradually led to me securing up my spot in Itaewon.”

He goes on to explain the culture of Itaewon, a unique place in South Korea where people of all diversity gathers. DJ Tezz describes Itaewon as a “free-spirited” place, and while not a big neighborhood like Gangnam, he says the small area gives one a chance to connect on a closer level.

Finally, DJ Tezz shares possible future plans of collaborating with Vasco, a well-known Korean rapper, as they recently became mutual friends.