Famous YouTuber IAMKARENO styled herself like BTS Jimin

Makeup YouTuber IAMKARENO released her makeup tutorial inspired by BTS and revealed her excitement about going to their concert in Los Angeles.

Karen Yeung, also known as IAMKARENO, is a Hong Kong fashion and beauty blogger based in Los Angeles. She recently discovered BTS and has become a huge fan of them since, revealing that she has been listening to their music constantly over the past month. In fact, she has been listening to BTS so much that her entire iTunes recommended list is just more BTS. Even all of her recommended YouTube videos are BTS-related. She also revealed that her favorite member is Jimin but that V is a close second.

Her latest tutorial video shows the makeup style she plans to don for the concert, which features a heavy peach-colored eyeshadow and a defined crease separating the colors of the eyelid and the highlight. Throughout the video, she makes countless references to BTS, especially Jimin, showcasing just how much of a die-hard fan of the group she is. Even her Instagram account is littered with BTS posts.

Watch IAMKARENO’s makeup tutorial for the BTS concert below: