Fan points out similarities in G-Friend’s tracks

With the release of G-Friend‘s 3rd mini-album Snowflake out, their title track “Rough” has been seen doing well on the charts despite heavy competition from other well-known artists.

However, fans have noticed a pattern in G-Friend’s title tracks including their debut song “Glass Beads,” “Me Gustas Tu,” and “Rough” as a similar melody can be heard in each. The melody is so similar that one fan took it one step further, mashing up the songs together in a short YouTube video where all three songs sync up very well.

Though all the songs have a similar pattern, it’s undoubtedly a melody that works go G-Friend.

Upon closer look, the lyrics, composition, and arrangement of the tracks for all three title tracks were done by hitmaker team Lee Ki and Yong Bae (Bugs Music). Other of their known works include Ailee‘s debut track “Heaven” and Orange Caramel‘s “Catalena.”

Hear the original tracks of each of G-Friend’s leading tracks below: