Fan relays sad story about WINNER’s Yonsei Univesity performance

With one of the strongest debuts in all of K-pop, male group WINNER has established themselves as one of the top groups in the industry. 

However, according to one female Yonsei University student, the YG Entertainment group isn’t as popular as fans claim. In fact, the student claimed that fans who attended the AKARAKA event couldn’t care less about the group and instead were mainly waiting to see rookie girl group TWICE perform.

I’m a female student who went to AKARAKA. All the male students who came were really excited to see TWICE, and I’m a fan too so I sat under the sun and waited for them. 

But when it was WINNER’s turn to perform the male students were all sitting down and eating or doing anything other than watching. I understand that they were tired and wanted to hold their seats for the rest of the festival, but they could’ve at least been polite and cheered or stood up.

And there were a lot of them, so it was really hard not to notice. And when TWICE came, they all stood up and cheered. I’m not even a fan of WINNER, but I really felt bad for them. TWICE and Lee Hi were the only female performers that day, but the audience treated TWICE like angels descending from heaven…but the male students near me were even saying that Lee Hi looked very pitiful. 

I had a lot of fun during AKARAKA, but I was also disappointed in the audience. A lot of people were hurt, which caused me to worry. I wish they’ll have a quick recovery! 

Source: Pann