Fans amused with 10cm and INFINITE Woohyun’s singles charting

Fans are cracking up at the latest charting for artists’ 10cm and INFINITE‘s Nam Woohyun and how the title of their single’s are reading well with one another.

10cm released their single 3.2 on April 1st with the leading title track “What The Spring??” continuing to do well on the charts. On the other hand, INFINITE member Nam Woohyun dropped his solo album Write.. on May 9th and his leading track “끄덕끄덕 (Still I Remember),” which literally translates to ‘nod nod,’ has also been doing well.

On one of the online charts, the two songs happen to align with one another with 10cm’s “What The Spring??” taking 8th and Woohyun’s “Nod Nod” in 9th. As it reads “What The Spring?? Nod Nod,” fans have shown amusement as it seems as if Woohyun is answering 10cm’s question.


Source: Instiz