Fans are calling SEVENTEEN the “kindergartners” of K-Pop

Rookie male idol group SEVENTEEN has affectionately been dubbed the “kindergartners” of K-Pop by their fans for their adorable personalities and hilarious antics. 

In addition to how young the boys look and how they act sometimes, fans also noted that they also have a set of unique rules that they must all follow during any of their scheduled activities. Although the rules were likely made to keep the large group organized, fans have claimed that they make the boys feel even more like elementary school students.

1. If there are snacks at the waiting area, they must be shared

2. When moving, they must stand in two lines

3. When going to the bathroom, they must travel in groups of three

4. They have a unique number so they must remember when they’re checking to see everyone is present

5. When the leader claps twice after a recording, they must all bow and thank everyone






Source: Instiz

SEVENTEEN recently made their comeback with “Very Nice.” Check out the music video below: