Fans Congratulate IU For Her Daesang And She Has An Adorable Reaction

Just a day after she won the Best Album of the Year (daesang) at the Melon Music Awards, IU began her nation-wide tour.

And the loving fans who came out to see her at Cheongju had a surprise planned for their idol.

They decided to sing her a celebratory song by changing the words of “Happy Birthday” to “Happy Daesang to you.”

And IU’s reaction was classic! She stopped on her way to the concert hall to do a cute little jiggle!

She did a little twirl to her cute fans’ surprise song!

And bounced around to her fans’ delight!

It’s remarkable how, 10 years after her debut, IU remains the adorable and talented musician her fans have come to love and appreciate!

Check out the full surprise interaction below!

Source: Dispatch