These fans cover BIGBANG’s “If You” in 13 languages

Fans do the most amazing things for their idols. In China, a group of fans managed to release a touching cover of BIGBANG’s “If You” in thirteen languages. 

Since it was reuploaded on video hosting site, Youtube, on May 20th, the group of fans gathered a wider fanbase and earned praise for their touching cover. The short video, a rendition of BIGBANG’s hit track, “If You,” did not only release a video that can unite fans, but also unveiled a cover that included a hint of Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, French and more language.

The video managed to garner more than 1,000 views since its upload, but continues to receive praise from their followers for its touching and unique message.

“If You” was part of BIGBANG’s MADE album released last July but was released without a music video.