Fans discover that MONSTA X’s “Hero” matches perfectly with BTS’ “Dope”

Fans may never be able to listen to these two songs the same way again.

Netizens have taken the dance practice video for BTS’ “Dope” and changed the background music to that of MONSTA X’s “Hero.” What they uncovered that both of the upbeat tracks appear to go perfectly with the dance for BTS’s “Dope.”

Not only do both groups have similar styles, the two title tracks are similar in nature as well. Both “Dope” and “Hero” feature aggressive beats at similar tempos with catchy rap and addicting choruses. Netizens find that the combination video is not only impressive in the level of synchronization between “Hero” and the “Dope” dance but also in the timing of rap and solo portions.

It seems that even MONSTA X found humor in the video as the group’s official Facebook page shared and liked the video too.

Check it out here: