Fans discuss the number one male and female idols in Korea

After posts emerge regarding the number one male and female idol, netizens share their thoughts on the selections.

Discussing the top idols in K-pop is always a hot debate among Korean fans and even international fans. Although not everyone can share the same thoughts, fans are discussing that some cases that cannot be debated.

Originally titled “Male and Female Top idols,” here is the direct translation of the post and netizen discussion below.



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[+233, -20] They are the celebrities’ celebrities and idols’ idols. Even if people disapprove, you can’t deny it hahaha They’re going to win the Gallup awards first place and second place this year as well.

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[+207, -22] You can’t deny this post hahaha They are untouchable since no one can follow them with their careers.

[+177, -15] I wanna live like G-Dragon since I’m only living once 🙁

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Source: Pann