Fans express concern over LABOUM members not wearing seatbelts

In light of the car accidents that have plagued K-pop artists in the past, fans expressed their concern for the LABOUM members as they were seen not wearing seatbelts on recent Instagram videos. 

With the tragic Ladies’ Code car accident still on everyone’s minds, fans took action when the girls of LABOUM posted a video of the group as they were on the road. As cute as the members were in the short video, the fact that the members were sitting in a relatively fast-moving car without the protection of seatbelts was the most eye-catching thing to fans.

After seeing the video, which showed three of the six members moving freely in the car without seatbelts, several fans also pointed out that the girls were also not using the restraints in earlier videos, but were just less noticeable due to the angle of the camera.

Fans left their messages to the group as comments on the video, hoping to catch the eye of their idols and encourage them to be safer while on the road. Comments such as “Please wear your seat belts girls i don’t want you all getting hurt,” “Why don’t you wear your seatbelts? :'(,” and “Wear your seatbelts please!! What if you get in a car crash??,” expressing concern for the girls.

Hopefully the girls are able to hear their fans and take more precaution when traveling in moving vehicles, especially as they continue to promote for their latest comeback track, “Sugar Sugar.”

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