Fans go wild for “Soju Version” of EXID’s “Hot Pink”

Following the success of their most recent hit track “Hot Pink,” EXID sat down for a special “Soju Version” of their track, singing along to nothing more than an acoustic guitar accompaniment.

Ever since the rediscovery of “Up & Down,” fans have been addicted to the girl group’s funky and upbeat tracks like “Ah Yeah” and “Every Night.” Not only are their tracks catchy, the members easily showcase their silly and fresh personalities which has fans even more in love with the group.

With the release of this video, netizens are going crazy over the girls’ natural harmonies and amazing vocal talent even after a few drinks. This “Soju Version” gives a different flavor to the track, showing off each member’s unique tone and personality.

Check it out here:

1. [+121] EXID can sing! EXID can sing! EXID can really sing!

2. [+102] They should put this in their next album like Hot Pink (Soju ver.) xD This is the best thing ever i swear omg

3. [+84] We can see all pieces of ‘truly’ EXID here: talented, crazy, funny, adorable, love & support each other. So perfect my dear EXID !

4. [+7] I love how effortless this is. They’re literally joking around, laughing, drinking, eating, cooking meat and overall having fun while still slaying vocally. Ugh they’re so perfect. No dumb MR removed video could ever show their true talent and beauty like this gem of a video here.