A Fan’s Live Coverage Photos Of BTS’s Jungkook Bursting In Tears Gains Attention Online

The official crybaby of the group has done it again!

BTS held their final concert as part of their SPEAK YOURSELF: LOVE YOURSELF world tour with October 29 being the last day of the Seoul concert.

On this day, Jungkook was seen crying right before the last performance of the night. He started to tear up after listening to the other member’s messages to fans.

A fan posted live coverage photos online showing Jungkook’s stages before crying.



Listening to other member’s talk while drinking some water.


Smiling like the cutie that he is.




Looking alert as he pays attention to the other members.


Starts getting teary-eyed after listening the the message.


Trying to hold back his tears.




Trying his best to hold it in!




He ends up having to start singing even though he’s crying.


And ends up bursting in tears after seeing a member’s face.




Jungkook is known for being the official crybaby of the group. Here’s another clip of him crying at the 2017 The Wings Tour The final concert.


Jungkook will always be BTS’s maknae crybaby!

Source: theqoo