Fans Are Shook Because Of Cosmic Girls Yeonjung’s Indecisive Eyelids

Fans are confused as to whether or not she has double eyelids or monolids.

Fans are still confused every time Cosmic Girls Yeonjung posts photos online as to whether or not she did double eyelid surgery.

The debate started because Yeonjung’s eyelids seem to go back and forth between monolids and double eyelids whenever it wants to.




Below are some recent photos of Yeonjung (double eyelids).



















And these are yet more recent photos of Yeonjung (monolids).
















And here are two clips from the same day.







And here are some from her debut!







Fans are saying that Yeonjung has unique eyes where they are monolids but can become double eyelids depending on the makeup and fake eyelashes.




Either way, Yeonjung looks beautiful!

Source: theqoo

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