Fan’s uncover BTS Jimin’s secret favorite past time

Netizens on the site Instiz have gathered various clips to showcase their hilarious discovery of BTS Jimin’s secret favorite past time.

Although the boy group did not partake in the recent storm of summer comebacks, they most recently delivered fans with their follow-up promotion track “Dope.”

Their loyal ARMY fans have not rested during this down time however, digging up hilarious clips of the dancer in his natural habitat – spinning around. Just like the endless totem of Inception, Jimin spins around in the various clips, highlighting his dance talents as well as fun personality.

Meanwhile, the group recently announced their comeback and concert tour with a cinematic prologue video and even trended worldwide on Twitter because of it.

Check out the GIFs here:

jimin 1

jimin 2

jimin 3

jimin 4

jimin 5

jimin 6

jimin 7

jimin 8

Aside from these clips, it seems that the idol is known to share his love for dancing with fans as well as his fellow members:

Source: Instiz