Fans Worry About BTS Suga And V’s Health After MAMA 2019 Performance

Fans hope that they are getting the proper care that they need.

While BTS‘s performance at the 2019 Mnet Asian Music Awards was undoubtedly stellar, fans were worried about the health of the members. Fans speculated that Suga did not have any strength because of a prior injury.


Fans saw Suga limping back to his seat after their performance.



For the original choreography of “N.O,” Suga puts his hand on J-Hope’s shoulder to gain balance before stepping on RM’s back and raising his right foot onto Jin’s back.



However, he was not able to hold his balance for the MAMA performance.



Fans speculate that his knee is injured due to previous photos of Suga holding his knee in pain.



This clip also shows him limping, showing that his knee is not in good condition.



Fans also worried about V and his shoulder injury as seen during the “Dionysus” performance.



He was also seen dropping his bag at the airport on their way to Japan.



He is also seen holding onto his shoulder during Suga’s rap part.



Fans hope that the members will get the proper care needed and rest up. The end of the year is always a busy time for BTS and fans hope that they can rest after the festivities come to a close.



Watch the full video below: