Female idols are all wearing this trendy new spring hairstyle

As spring approaches, this trendy and adorable new hairstyle is making a comeback.

Idols are gearing up for the new season with new style trends, including rose colored makeup, bright hair, and intricate outfits in soft and vibrant colors.

The biggest new trend, however, is the middle-parted curled bangs hairstyle that completes the fresh spring aesthetic!

The look has been used in many recent magazine’s spreads with groups including Cosmic Girls and Red Velvet, as well as for album concepts for groups like Oh My Girl and TWICE.

Check out these idols have rocked this springtime look.

All of the Cosmic Girls wore bangs in neutral hair colors for this Marie Claire spread.
Yooa, Jiho, Hyojung, and Seunghee of Oh My Girl sported the trendy bangs for their soon to be April comeback.


Heize’s soft side came through with her curls pulled off her face.
Junghwa sported bright orange curly bangs for EXID‘s next comeback.
Mina wears curly bangs often as they add dimension to her sweet look.
Apink’s Nauen looks unbelievably young and cute.
Seulgi‘s face is framed perfectly by her bright orange curly bangs as well!
The queen of whimsical vibes.
TWICE‘s Mina in “Knock Knock” also wore a similar style for a youthful charm.