Female Netizens Are Finding It Hard To Call Someone “Oppa” For These Reasons

It’s difficult for female netizens to call someone oppa.

Female netizens have opened up about how odd it feels to call someone “oppa” nowadays. Many women have spoken up about how weird it feels for them when they have to address another person by the honorific.

“Oppa” traditionally means “older brother”, but can also be used when referring to a boy who is slightly older than you. It is traditionally only said by girls to boys.

The main reason that many mentioned is how the word is now being used for fangirls when talking about (or even with!) their idols.

Many are also saying that girlfriends use the term “oppa” when talking about their lovers, which makes them feel weird when talking to someone who isn’t their boyfriend.

Some women have also stated that because of this, they don’t want boys to get the wrong impression. Some girls have resorted to calling them “sunbae” instead.

Girls with actual older brothers, however, have stated that they don’t find it weird to call boys “oppa.” Few have stated that they would prefer to keep the word between family, though.

In the end, many agreed that the word has become cringy, and would only use it if required.