Ferlyn G drops Chinese + Korean “Luv Talk” MVs ft. Tiny-G’s Mint

On January 3rd, Ferlyn G (former member of girl group Skarf) revealed the music video for her solo debut track “Luv Talk” off her single album titled First.

The singer held a launch event for her single in Singapore on January 2nd and shared a music video teaser for the track as well. Now, fans can see the full story and hear the complete audio for her exciting new track. The artist shows her language fluency with the release of both a Korean and Chinese edition of the music video.

Titled “Luv Talk,” the song is a fun pop tune with an eye-catching dance. Although the music videos begin on a deceptively melancholy note with a teary Ferlyn G perched on a bridge and dramatic piano instrumental playing behind her, the song soon ramps up the atmosphere with a full brass tone and hip rhythm.

The story flashes back to an unpleasant conversation Ferlyn G has with an unknown man. However, after being down, she transforms herself into a new self with a change in make up and outfit. Tiny-G’s Mint contributes her smooth and slick rapping to the Korean version of the track, taking an urban street style to match the theme of the dance. In the Chinese version, Ferlyn G herself gives listeners a treat with a quirky rap of her own.

Check out the fresh music videos here:

Korean Version:


Chinese version: