Ferlyn Wong shares her thoughts on L’s “My Lovely Girl” character

Ferlyn Wong, former member of girl group Skarf, shares her thoughts on L’s character on ongoing drama, “My Lovely Girl”.

On October 16th, Ferlyn Wong shared her thoughts on ongoing drama “My Lovely Girl” and expressed a vague similarity to Shiwoo, the character played by INFINITE’s L. Posting her sentiments on her personal Twitter account, she reveals that, “Exact situation, and I made my choice. #watchingdrama I don’t have to act.. I know exactly how this character feels”. The photo attached with the update was also hinted on the narration, “Either give up being a singer or work as a solo artist”, allowing her followers to speculate on the real reason behind her leave from Skarf.


INFINITE’s L plays the role of Shiwoo, who, in the drama, is forced to leave the group, Infinite Power. In the episode highlighted, Shiwoo is considering his decision to either give up being a singer or promote as a soloist.


The update caused fans to question the reason behind Ferlyn’s departure from the group as it was previously reported that her leave was because of her becoming a leader for another Korean girl group. Currently, there has been no official updates released regarding Ferlyn’s upcoming activities.


Source: Ferlyn Wong’s Twitter