FIESTAR releases performance version of “You’re Pitiful”

With fans showing the group a lot of love for their latest track “You’re Pitiful“, FIESTAR treated fans to another look at their choreography with a performance version of the music video. 

Displaying every step of the choreography while keeping the beautiful production quality of the music video, the performance version of “You’re Pitiful” is a perfect way to learn all the moves to the song while experiencing the full beauty of the group.

FIESTAR’s chair dance from the video is definitely one of the best, and fans can’t seem to get enough of it. After uploading a sexy dance practice video of the group, as well as a 1theK Let’s Dance video, the group’s label LOEN Entertainment showed that fans loved the song with a compilation of fancams recorded during the group’s public performances.

Make sure to check out the performance version of “You’re Pitiful” below!