FIESTAR shows fans their sexy chair choreography with “You’re Pitiful” dance practice

After receiving a lot of positive feedback for the sexy chair choreography in their newest title track “You’re Pitiful,” the girls of FIESTAR released a dance practice video for the song to help fans learn the choreography. 

Although the LOEN Entertainment group had already participated in 1theK‘s Let’s Dance to teach fans the basic parts of the choreography for “You’re Pitiful,” fans will definitely be excited to be able to learn all the moves from the song.

Wearing white dress shirts and black shorts, the girls of FIESTAR flawlessly performed the choreography of their sexy chair dance. While most groups perform their choreography in heels, the amount of time the FIESTAR members spend on top of chairs and moving around with their tall shoes is still incredibly impressive.

Despite the concept of the chair dance is by no means a new advent, FIESTAR has been praised for their creative choreography and sexy yet classy dancing. To reward fans, the group hinted that they could possibly release an additional version of the dance practice, as the released video was titled “White Shirt version” dance practice.

Make sure to check out FIESTAR’s sexy chair dance moves in their “White Shirt version” of the dance practice for “You’re Pitiful”!