FIESTAR’s Cao Lu is a self-confessed fan of Hyosung’s “bagel” body

It seems like FIESTAR’s Cao Lu is also a fan of Hyosung’s sexy body after appearing in the latest episode of Real Men‘s female soldiers special. 

On March 8th, Cao Lu appeared on Taxi where she talked about her fellow female soldiers. When asked about the female idol members that left quite an impression on her, she mentioned Hyosung’s “bagel” figure.

According to Cao Lu, “Jung Hyosung’s body looks completely fantastic,” and further revealed that compared to Hyosung, she looked completely average. When asked about how she knew about this, she added that she secretly took a peek when they both showered together.

Cao Lu joins Hyosung, Nana and more in the latest special of Real Men. 

Source: Newsen