Flowsik examines the superficiality of the current hip-hop scene with “Yah, Nuh” single + MV

Hip-hop rapper Flowsik returns with his newest single Yah, Nuh with a critical message of the current hip-hop scene.

The music video to the single’s title track was finally released on November 6th despite the single itself seeing an online release of October 27th. The single also featured the B-side track “Can’t Sleep” featuring SPICA’s Boa as the vocalist.

“Yah, Nuh” is a song produced, composed, and written by Flowsik himself (Lyrics also credited to Gonhills) and is described as “In the current hip hop scene where style trumps substance, Flowsik, in the single ‘Yah, Nuh’, is critical of the superficiality of the hip hop industry. As a peer in the industry, he challenges himself, and other artists alike to re-examine the motives behind why they started making music in the first place.”

On the other hand, the track “Can’t Sleep” is an “introspective song detailing the anxiety that comes from the struggle of achieving one’s dream, in a world where nothing is guaranteed. Flowsik reflects on his humble beginnings in New York, and draws from his experiences hoping to inspire his listeners to never give up.”

Flowsik is a hip-hop rapper that gained global recognition through his group AZIATIX and is currently active in Korea.

Listen and watch his music video for “Yah, Nuh” below! Both rated and unrestricted versions are available to watch below: