Fly To The Sky releases heartbreaking MV, “It Happens To Be That Way”

R&B duo group Fly To The Sky (Brian, Hwanhee) has returned with their first mini-album just in time for the fall, releasing a heartbreaking music video for their title track along with it.

Released on September 14th, each of the five tracks on their Love & Hate mini-album have been praised to all be title track worthy. Unfortunately, not all of them were chosen as a title track and instead, “It Happens To Be That Way” and “You You You” will be leading this release.

“It Happens To Be That Way” was written by Shim Eun Ji, a co-composer for Baek A Yeon’s breakthrough track “Shouldn’t Have.”

The music video will have you feeling emotional as a man is seen torn in two between his current girlfriend turned soon-to-be-wife and his former girlfriend. Who will he choose?