[★VIDEO] Fly to the Sky thanks fans for commemorating 15th debut anniversary

Fly to the Sky, Korea’s male R&B duo, commemorated its 15th debut anniversary on November 20th, and thanked fans via video left on their agency’s YouTube account.

Since their debut in 1999, Fly to the Sky been a renowned and a greatly loved R&B duo in South Korea. The band has released nine regular albums, in addition to the members’ solo activities.

Hwanhee debuted as an actor by starring in MBC Over the Rainbow in 2006, while Brian featured in a number of variety television shows including Mnet Super Star K, MBC Radio Star, and KBS Star Golden Bell, as well as MCing on MBC Music Core.

Fly to the Sky left the spotlight in 2009 taking a long rest for five years, and finally came back in May of this year releasing its 9th regular album Continuum.

Brian said, “It has been already 15 years since we debuted. It just feels like yesterday but the time flies.”

Hwanhee added and thanked their fans saying, “We did come back stages as one group after five years. We thank you guys so much for giving us the present of ranking the first on music shows.”

Hwanhee also mentioned the group’s fan meeting, which was scheduled on the day when the video was filmed, saying, “Today is actually our fan meeting day. However I heard that many of you guys cannot make it to there. Don’t be disappointed to that!”

To the fans who are saddened by the fact they could not make it to the group’s fan meeting, Hwanhee announced its upcoming concert with Gummy. He also added, “We will be coming to your place to have our concerts. We hope to see you for long.”