[★VIDEO] FNC Entertainment’s AOA and FTISLAND encourage students preparing for admission exams

On November 8th, FNC Entertainment‘s groups AOA and FTISLAND sent words of encouragement to South Korea students preparing for high school admission exams. 

The College Scholastic Ability Test or CSAT  is a standardized test accepted by South Korean universities, and is offered every November. The CSAT is often referred to as ”the chance to make or break one’s future“, and is treated as a sort of national holiday in Korea. On the day of the test, stock markets open late and buses and subway usage is increased to prevent traffic jams that could prevent students from getting to testing sites.

With all the stress that students have been feeling lately, words of encouragement from idols such as AOA and FTISLAND will definitely brighten up their spirits. The FNC Entertainment artists each delivered a short message of their own to students, and AOA’s Choa even sang a short line from “Like a Cat” from their upcoming mini-album of the same title.

After a handful of teasers, AOA is set to release their second mini-album on November 11th. Meanwhile, the idol band FTISLAND will begin 2015 with their first Europe and Latin America tour in January.

Good luck to all the students preparing for the CSAT! You can check out their messages of encouragement below!