[★VIDEO] FNC Entertainment looking for their next trainees in USA Global Audition

FNC Entertainment is looking for their trainee through a global audition that will span across 5 cities in the United States, presented by Koreaboo.

The agency will be holding a series of auditions in the United States this summer, and will be accepting anyone between the ages of 13-24 regardless of gender or ethnicity who are looking to pursue their dreams of becoming an FNC artist.


Don’t hesitate to go forward towards your dream! The label will be visiting Seattle on June 13th at KOAM-TV and Hawaii on June 20th at the Korea Times Hawaii branch.

They have already passed through Los Angeles on May 30th at Korea Times Los Angeles Branch, Orange County on May 31st at Korea Times OC branch, and San Francisco on June 6th at the Korea Times San Francisco branch in the Community Hall.

They will be looking for possible trainees that display exceptional skill and potential in the following categories: Vocal, Musical Instrument, Dance, Model, and Actor.

Interested in auditioning? Check out the details below and visit FNC’s dedicated audition website for more details.