Former Sechs Kies leader Eun Ji Won releases MV teaser for “Trauma”

After Eun Ji Won, former leader of Sechs Kies, announced his solo comeback, he released the teaser for his upcoming track “Trauma” on June 4th.

As a funky and vibrant beat was heard in the background, Eun Ji Won appeared leaning forward on a chair while clothed in all white as he was accessorized with sunglasses. The teaser continued as it showcased four backup dancers and Eun Ji Won giving a fans a glimpse of the choreography as well a preview of the upcoming track.

Eun Ji Won is scheduled to release the music video for “Trauma” on June 8th as well as his album this month. Prior to his June releases, he released the track “Anyone” in 2012, which makes this comeback his first comeback in two and a half years.

Meanwhile, Eun Ji Won has already released the music video for “What U Are” featuring Gilme on June 1st.