FTISLAND releases “Primavera” PV + “5…..GO” Japanese album

On May 13th, FTISLAND made their Japanese comeback with the release of their “Primavera” music video as well as their new album 5…..GO.

The band revealed a music video that included a brief but touching video message to Japanese fans.

“Primavera” is a ballad rock song. To go with the emotional track, a light guitar opens the song as Hongki sings into a lone microphone in the back of a studio. The camera soon pans out to show the other members as well. They don classy but stylish outfits of white and black. Speedy cuts of the music video accent the purity of the track’s straightforward lyrics and message.

Their album includes 10 tracks, namely “To The Light,” “Primavera,” “Orange Days,” “YES or NO,” “Tornado,” “CRYING IN THE RAIN,” “Moonlight,” “DAYDREAMER,” “Hourglass,” and “My Birthday.”

Check out the music video for “Primavera” below!

Source: FTISLAND Discography and Warner Music Japan