[★EXCLUSIVE] Full Interview With Female K-Pop Idol “C” Reveals Her Side Of Prostitution Controversy

Korean media reveals the full interview of female idol C admitting to allegations of prostitution in recent scandal

In an exclusive interview with Korean media Ilgan Sports, female idol C said that she admitted to the prostitution charges during the investigations. Here is the translation of the full interview Q&A between Ilgan Sports and female idol C.

When female idol C was first called in for questioning by the police, she denied all allegations claiming that she was offered such a deal for prostitution but rejected the offer as soon as she heard it.

But after being called in for investigations by the prosecutor’s office, female idol  C claims that she decided to admit to the allegations of prostitution in recent scandal.

Did you admit to the allegations during investigation?

“First of all, I apologize for causing such concern. I admitted to all of the allegations during the investigations. It isn’t that I deliberately ‘sold my body’ but that I found soon enough that what I did cannot escape the boundaries of breaking the law of ‘prostitution.’ Following my realization, I decided not to be part of the long journey of fighting in the court.”

What do you mean that you did not realize your actions corresponded to prostitution?

“I’m not a prostitute. I don’t want nor need to sell my body in order to receive the money proposed in the allegations. But I fell for the tricks to my friend like an idiot who turned out to be a broker which resulted in me becoming a prostitute. I am sorry but I felt that ‘anyone could fall for these tricks,’ and that ‘anyone could become a prostitute without them knowing.’

Please explain further.

“I can’t explain in detail because I have been investigated by the prosecutor’s office and I am sorry for that. I received money from a friend (who turned out to be a broker) thankfully and later was told that ‘you don’t have to pay back since I am not in hard times.’ Following this, the friend told me ‘instead, let’s meet a friend of mine who is a big fan of you in a date setting.’ After meeting up with the man, I found out that the he was actually paying money towards the broker in order to meet with me.”

Are you claiming that you never received money directly from the man you met?

“No. I met with him like anyone else meets during dates and I met him with good intent. I never imagined it was ‘prostitution’ and it was a problem for me to believe in anyone during hard times. Of course, it doesn’t mean I am not entirely at fault. I was stupid. I was immature and I made some stupid decisions. I regret these actions and I am only sorry for my family and my fans.”

How do you feel?

“My father passed away when I was young and I believed that I had to protect my mother and my little sibling. And during this, I borrowed money without thinking and didn’t realize there was some trade involved in it. I really apologize to all of my fans. I’m not only saying this to open the possibility to return to the industry but because I thought of this every night. I am really sorry to concern all of the fans who applauded me in the past. I’ll try to become someone who is smarter.”

Source: Ilgan Sports