Be FUNNY Studios releases ‘”Girl at the Hun-Ryun-So” video teaser ft. YDG

The second video teaser to Be FUNNY Studios next project featuring YDG, After School’s Nana, Jeff Bernat, and more has been released on January 27th. 

As Yang Dong Geun (YDG) looks somberly towards the camera with an equally blank face, perfectly round glasses adorning his face, he says, “Do you know how much gas I tasted? No you don’t.” 

The short teaser quickly comes to a close as the series’ title, “Girl at the Hun-Ryun-So,” appears, several solo shots of other soldiers featured shown as they react negatively in the gas chamber as part of their army training.

The upcoming series is a parody of Jeff Bernat’s “Girl at the Coffee Shop,” and is set to feature After School’s Nana and YDG. “Girl at the Hun-Ryun-So” will be released on February 2nd.

Check out the latest teaser below: