f(x) Amber announced as the new host of upcoming “SNL Korea” episode

f(x) Amber will be the main host for the upcoming episode of SNL Korea according to the production crew on March 20th.

The production crew of SNL Korea shared that Amber appears to be the perfect host for the show. The crew said that, “Amber has been making appearances on a variety of different entertainment programs and captivating the viewers as she reveals her wacky charm; as a host of SNL Korea, Amber will be able to go all out and also showcase charms that have yet to be seen.”

The crew also included that the idol has recently showed her capabilities as she was successful in her solo debut while making many appearances on different show programs, and is rising in the blue-chip stock market. SNL Korea is a platform for Amber to showoff her easygoing personality, but they also plan on helping Amber grow and learn more.

Netizens have been responding positively leaving remarks such as, “Amber’s making an appearance on SNL Korea, I’m already looking forward to it,” and “SNL Korea Amber, wonder what laughs they’ll provide?”

The SNL Korea episode she is expected to host will air on March 28th.

Source: Hanguk Economy TV