[★VIDEO] f(x) receives mixed reactions over “4 Walls” stage performance

As f(x) gains more recognition with their ongoing promotions for “4 Walls,” netizens were involved in a slight disagreement on their recent comeback performance. 

On October 29th, f(x) made their first comeback performance for “4 Walls” and “Diamond” on Mnet M! Countdown. However, discussion online started as MR removed versions of their performances were uploaded, gaining mixed reactions over the credibility of their live performance.

As the videos were released, some fans reacted positively on the group’s ability to perform live despite their intense choreography, while others expressed their disappointment on their inability to do in a live program. Eventually, a valid point was raised as some argued that there was no point in releasing the video as the performance was prerecorded, further expressing their concerns on starting a misunderstanding online.

Furthermore, it is important to note that SM Entertainment artists are known to lip sync their first week of comebacks as to present the most perfect stage before continuing their promotions with live performances.

At the moment, the debate continues as fans continue to monitor the rest of f(x)’s live performances.

Check out the two versions of the performance below!


Source: Dispatch