[★VIDEO] f(x) responds to possible disbandment speculations

f(x) responds to rumours of a possible disbandment following news of Sulli’s leave from the group.  On August 9th, f(x) held a short press conference prior taking the stage at London Korean Festival in Trafalgar Square, London. With Amber not able to attend the press conference due to her flight schedule, Luna, Victoria and Krystal were taken aback with a question about disbandment.

Luna, who was unable to formulate a reply to the question, was saved by Victoria who stated that the remaining members will continue to work hard in their activities as a quartet, along with their individual activities. She also calmly revealed that they will continue cheering on Sulli and hope the best for her.

Meanwhile, the quartet was in London over the weekend performing for the London Korean Festival, which was their first official performance since Sulli’s departure from the group.

Catch the reply on the 1:30 mark.