f(x)’s Amber gifts fans self-directed MV for “Beautiful” from first solo album

September 18th marks the birthday of f(x)‘s Amber in which she has gift fans with a special music video for her self-written track “Beautiful”!

Earlier, a teaser was released by SM Entertainment with only a gift box hinted.

It seems that it wasn’t just fans who were preparing themselves to celebrate Amber’s birthday but she had been hard at work creating the perfect present for her own fans as well on this big day.

Directed by herself and close friend Christian Yu, Amber stars in this simplistic yet beautiful music video filled with promising messages of hope. In one of the scenes, Amber is surrounded by previously unseen childhood photos of herself as she reminisces over the past.

Beautiful” is a track that was included in her first solo album released in February 2015, Beautiful, in which she promoted the track “Shake That Brass” featuring Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon.

In the description of the video, a message to fans is found that reads:

“To The Fans. 

Fans, every year on my birthday, you have always taken care of me and give me a lot of love, but this year I will gift you instead. My team and I made this video because this track ‘Beautiful’ from my first solo album received a lot of support. I’ll prepare a lot more for you in the future so please look forward to it. Thank you always!”