f(x)’s Amber Shows Off Her Unique Charm With Her Latest Pictorial

She rocked this pictorial!

f(x)‘s Amber recently teamed up with Singles magazine for a pictorial. She will be featured in the magazine’s August issue. In her photoshoot, Amber is seen rocking earings and necklaces, as well as different outfits.

In this photo, Amber is seen rocking earrings and a necklace, wearing a black pants suits. She rocks both her feminine and masculine side here!

In another photo, she is seen in a simple white tee but is wearing numerous stand out accessories! She is wearing earings and numerous rings, bringing attention to the bling.

In another photo, she is seen wearing a simple black tank top tucked into jeans. She sports dangling earrings and a ring on her figure. It may look like she has bracelets stacked on her arm, but don’t be fooled – they are tattoos!

These photos of Amber are well-received, with many saying that she looks bold and chic. There is a heavy monotone style which makes her look both cool and elegant, and many can’t deny Amber’s distinctive style shines in these photos.

Source: Naver