G-Dragon defends BIGBANG member Seungri’s singing on “Infinite Challenge”

BIGBANG members G-Dragon and Taeyang along with Infinite Challenge member Kwanghee partied it up and gave a fun performance of “Fantastic Baby” in the karaoke room.

Aired on July 18th, the team visited the karaoke room to bond and for the BIGBANG members to see Kwanghee’s singing skills for the upcoming Infinite Challenge competition. There, Kwanghee shared his wish with the BIGBANG members that he wanted to sing to “Fantastic Baby,” the two artists giving in to the request in the end.

But just as they approached T.O.P’s part “Boom shakalaka,” G-Dragon turned off the track to Kwanghee’s dismay and said, “I’ve seen enough. You aren’t too bad.”

Kwanghee smiles and says, “I’m really good at Seungri’s part,” to which G-Dragon looks away and starts to laugh and replies, “Our Seungri’s good at singing.”

This caused Kwanghee to whine a bit and enabling G-Dragon to repeat, “Our Seungri is really good at singing.”

The Infinite Challenge cast member then said, “How can you say ‘our Seungri’?! You said we were friends,” thus pushing G-Dragon to say, “Our Kwanghee is also good at singing.”

Kwanghee then continues to say that he can imitate Seungri’s singing to which G-Dragon agrees, “Oh it is a similar,” but when Kwanghee pushes him to say he sounds the same as Seungri, G-Dragon repeats, “Our Seungri is good at singing.”