G-Dragon puzzles fans with mysterious alien Instagram posts

With BIGBANG’s comeback quickly approaching, fans have been eagerly waiting for teasers or previews of any kind from the group. However, leader G-Dragon’s newest Instagram posts have raised more questions for fans than anything else. 

On February 23rd, G-Dragon posted two alien-themed photos onto his Instagram account, prompting mixed responses from his fans and followers. Although many fans immediately jumped to the conclusion that the photos were related to the YG Entertainment group’s upcoming release, others were a little more skeptical.

The first photo featured a fuzzy pink and blue outline of a humanoid figure, while the second photo depicted three UFOs flying in a bright morning sky which also featured a half-rainbow. Neither of the photos included a caption.

Although fans are puzzled as to what the photos could be hinting about – if anything at all – there is a general consensus that both photos are alien-themed. Thousands of fans have chimed in and left comments giving their opinions on the photos, with theories ranging from “Comeback concept?” to “he just needs a hug maybe.

Regardless of what the meaning of the photos really is, they have definitely piqued the interest of tens of thousands of fans. Since the photos were uploaded just a couple of hours ago, they have both gained over 75,000 likes each.

Take a look at the mysterious images below:

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