G-Dragon releases video teaser for hologram concert “Awake”

Nearing the date for his first hologram concert, BIGBANG’s leader G-Dragon released a short action-packed video teaser for Awake.

Although it began with the same mysterious scene of G-Dragon sitting atop his imposing throne, the video took a quick turn as the singer quickly transformed into concert-ready mode, singing his hit song “Crooked.”

Complete with back-up dancers and a giant dancing YG Entertainment bear, the hologram G-Dragon is the next best alternative to the real thing. Despite the singer not being physically present at the upcoming concert, the teaser showed that his energy will definitely be felt through his virtual copy, which danced and jumped with the same swagger as the original.

As previously mentioned, G-Dragon’s Awake, his first hologram concert, will take place on April 1st in the Klive venue in Dongdaemun in Seoul. Despite being upset about the delay of his group’s new album, fans were definitely psyched to see the amazing trailer and are looking forward to the concert.

Make sure to check out the explosive video teaser for G-Dragon’s hologram concert Awake below!