G-Friend drops highlight medley for “Flower Bud”

After G-Friend released the music video teaser for “Flower Bud,” the six-member group released the highlight medley for their 2nd mini-album on July 22nd.

As image teasers appeared throughout the video, the highlight medley revealed short previews of the tracks that will be included on G-Friend’s 2nd mini-album Flower Bud. Their upcoming album will include a range of tracks from ballads to uplifting tracks which are “Flower Bud,” “I Like You,” “Under the Sun,” “One,” “My Buddy,” and the instrumental version of “I Like You.”

The six-member group has been preparing for their comeback as they released the music video teaser for “Flower Bud” as well as has been releasing image teasers for their 2nd mini-album since mid-July.

The group made their debut with the release of their first min-album and music video for “Glass Bead” on January 15th.