[★VIDEO] G-Friend falls multiple times due to slippery stage conditions

A fan video of G-Friend’s recent performance has gone viral after the members were dominantly seen slipping and falling over a wet stage. 

On September 5th, G-Friend made a special appearance for an outdoor concert event for Hyundai where they performed their latest title track, “Me Gustas Tu.” Prior to the start of their performance, it was observed that the members subtly trying to clear the stage. However, throughout the progression for their performances, the members started slipping and falling with members Yuju and SinB taking the worst hit.

However, despite temporarily breaking the fall of the choreography, the members earnestly continued with their performance with much gusto, showing enthusiasm and appeal despite the stage conditions. This led to a number of praise received from their fans and netizens alike as they were commended for their perseverance and professionalism.

G-Friend made their debut early this year with the release of Season of Glass, followed by their second release Flower Bud last July. Since then, the members, known for their easygoing and bubbly personalities, promoted the track, “Me Gustas Tu.”