G-Friend falls victim to slippery stage conditions once more

Another fan video of one of G-Friend’s recent performance gained interest after the members managed to perform on a slippery stage once more. 

On October 7th, a fan uploaded a G-Friend’s recent live performance for the opening ceremony of the 2016 National Sports Competition where they performed “Me Gusta Tus.”

At the start of the clip, it was noticeable that the production was suffering from a minor delay as they tried to make the stage safe for the artists due to the pouring rain. A number of staff can be seen drying the stage prior to G-Friend’s performance.

As the performance went on, the members can be seen adjusting their choreography to fit the stage condition, leaving them looking a bit of uncomfortable. It took another fall and a few slips from Yuju for fans to realize that they were performing on a dangerously slippery stage.

Although the performance did not look as uncomfortable as it was aired live, the video led to a mixture of worry and praise from their fans as they saw the raw version of the incident through the fancam. The members remained professional and managed to finish the performance and the rest of the event.

Major falls and slips can be found at 0:33, 0:50 and 2:27. Following the first performance, they can be spotted having moved further up front where the stage was protected from the rain.

The video took fans back last year where the members fell multiple times due to similar slippery stage conditions. The incident immediately went viral and the members were praised further for their professionalism and perseverance.

Currently, G-Friend remains active as a 5-member group as member Umji recovers from her leg injury.